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Paul helps individuals, businesses and other organizations convert assets to cash quickly and trouble free. Learn more about our various services from traditional live auction events to a more modern solution such as "online-only" auctions which are growing in popularity for both buyers and sellers.

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Soft Serve Machines in Central Ohio, Selling Choice of up to Seven (7)

This event is soft serve machines only.
Selling choice of 1 up to 7 at the high bid each.
Stoetling water cooled 240 1 phase machines on wheels

YoKool Yogurt Shop by the piece or as one lot, Maryland

High end, well equipped yogurt shop closed for health reasons.
selling by the piece at online bidding ending May 4th ..................................OR IF YOU WANT BUY IT ALL AS ONE BULK BID...........Lot number 1 in the catalog is a bulk bid, a successful offer r will terminate the piecemeal auction ( two weeks prior to the scheduled auction

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